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Total Body Composition analysis using the revolutionary iDXA provides accurate information regarding total body fat, visceral fat (intra-abdominal fat), lean mass, bone density, android vs gynoid ratio, skeletal muscle index, metabolic rate and more. 
Significant evidence-based research has highlighted the extreme importance of visceral fat in predicting the cardio-metabolic risk of development of diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Ischaemic Heart Disease, Hypertension and High Cholesterol.  These are the leading causes of heart attacks and strokes in our community.
For the first time within a clinical setting, we are able to measure the accumulation of visceral fat using the iDXA for Total Body Composition analysis.  This is the most accurate and precise method for assessing cardiometabolic risk amongst patients, more than the most commonly used biochemical markers.
Adelaide BodyScan can perform a fast and non-invasive total body scan to assess the need for preventative or therapeutic treatment, and /or initiating changes in your diet and lifestyle.
Indications for a Total Body Composition scan include:
  • ·         Obesity

  • ·         Pre-diabetes
  • ·         Type 2 Diabetes

  • ·         Weight loss management
  •      Fitness
  • ·          Elevated cholesterol
  • ·         Tracking changes in total body and visceral fat


Cost of Total Body Composition Scan

​Introductory Price $95
Detailed written report includes:
  • Body Colour Mapping (indicates lean vs fat areas)
  • Visceral fat measurement
  • Total fat measurement
  • Total lean measurement
  • Android vs Gynoid measurement
  • Total Bone Density analysis
  • Detailed analysis of fat/bone/muscle in each part of the body
Written information regarding diet and exercise
Interpretation of visceral fat measurements to predict your cardiometabolic risk

71 Kensington Rd
Norwood SA 5067
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